WPI Scheduler
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The WPI Scheduler lets you:

Search for classes.

Narrow your classes to specific terms.

View your potential schedules in an easy calendar view.

Solve Your Schedule

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Automatic schedule updates 6 times per day!
Schedule data is for the 2012-2013 school year.

It's Broken


If it works for you your version of Java is VERY out of date and should be upgraded immediately to avoid viruses!

For more information please check the WPI Scheduler Facebook Page

Install WPI Scheduler!

The WPI Scheduler is an extension of the University Scheduler.

Three WPI students created this version of the Scheduler to work with WPI's term scheduling system.

It Finds Schedules for the courses You Want with No Conflicts.

How does it work? Install the progam, pick the classes you want to take, pick the times you dont want class, pick the schedule you want, then register for classes on BannerWeb with the CRNs given to you by the Scheduler! If you were looking for a technical answer, check out the Sourceforge Site

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